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Want to know what Hip Neutral is in a single word?  The word you are looking for is balance.  Balance in all aspects of how your hips are designed to operate.  Anterior to posterior, mediallly to laterally, and rotationally through the hips, Hip Neutral creates optimal balance between your muscle groups.


Why is balance important?  If you have ever felt tight, stiff, or simply off, you are out of balance.  If you feel like one leg is stronger or fatigues faster than the other, you are out of balance.  If you have pain around the low back, hips, or knees, you are out of balance.  Think about all the things you do on a daily basis out of balance.  You better have just included sleeping, sitting, standing relaxed, and any movement you do. If you are out of balance all the above are using more energy than they should as you are operating inefficiently.  If we can get you back in balance everything you do will feel better and easier.


Hip Neutral is not a wonder pill as it is hard and it does take work.  The routine itself takes approximately 30-40 minutes on a case by case basis.  During which, you should expect burning and cramping.  If you make it through though, your body will feel brand new.  Your legs will feel light and loose.  Your body will feel like it is walking on a moving sidewalk.  More importantly, you will be one step closer to being as close to balanced as possible.   

Hip Neutral

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