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“I shall either find a way, or make one.”



John is a bio-mechanic specialist. He holds a Master of Sciences in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention and has dedicated his career to further understanding how the body is designed to work and applying it to everyday exercise.



He has collected a multitude of experiences and certifications over the years (ex. CSCS, PES, CPT, BS in Sports Medicine...)  but has approached each one with a similar mindset.  There is good in all the various certifications and training programs, the goal is to weed out the good from the bad and craft it into something your own.  


In addition to challenging himself, routinely he will push you to achieve beyond your preconceived limitations.  John works with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people eager to live a pain free life during daily movements and everything in between. His goal with each and every client—despite ability—is to fix what is broken while also pushing what is good to be great.

“ I first started seeing John to rehab my knee after surgery. From day one, I could tell how passionate John was about his job and how much he wanted to help me achieve my goal of playing soccer injury-free. After making a full recovery, I continue to work with him to increase my overall strength. John knows fitness and the body extremely well. He uses this knowledge to create workouts that cater to each clients needs. Often times workouts can feel tedious and boring. With John, each session is a fun surprise as he incorporates a mix of cardio and strength work that is always challenging. John does an amazing job personalizing each work out, paying special attention to weaker muscles. If on a particular day my back is bothering me, he finds an alternative exercise that works similar muscles without causing additional strain. John has helped me immensely in becoming an overall stronger athlete, and equally important, he has helped me stay healthy. Every time I finish a workout with John, I leave feeling better than when I arrived, with the addition of being very, very sweaty.” - Kendall Johnson, Former Midfielder and Defender for the NWSL Portland Thorns.

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