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Welcome to Hip Neutral!



If this is your first encounter with Hip Neutral get ready for a game changer.  This routine is going to activate and strengthen every muscle that operates on your hips.  The result is balance and engagement.  All your muscles will be firing in unison giving you the opportunity to move freely like your body was designed to.  


And now, you have two options to choose from.  


Option 1:  Download the ebook.  


The Hip Neutral e-book is my original means of bringing this routine to the wide world.  It contains the theory on which Hip Neutral is built.  It also has step-by-step instructions including pictures for every exercise in the routine.  


Get Hip Neutral for $14.99!

Option 2:  Rent or buy the live video and follow along as I coach and go through the entire Hip Neutral routine.

Hip Neutral Live  - HD 1080p

Hip Neutral Live - HD 1080p

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Buy from $1.99
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Knowledge is power, so get to know the author more if you need reassurance before you buy:


John is a bio-mechanic specialist. He holds a Master of Sciences in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention and has dedicated his career to further understanding how the body is designed to work and applying it to everyday exercise.


He has collected a multitude of experiences and certifications over the years (ex. CSCS, PES, CPT, BS in Sports Medicine...)  but has approached each one with a similar mindset.  There is good in all the various certifications and training programs, the goal is to weed out the good from the bad and craft it into something your own.  


In addition to challenging himself, routinely he will push you to achieve beyond your preconceived limitations.  John works with a variety of clients from professional athletes to people eager to live a pain free life during daily movements and everything in between. His goal with each and every client—despite ability—is to fix what is broken while also pushing what is good to be great.

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Anyone can benefit from Hip Neutral.  You can specifically benefit if:

  • Your hips are tight but you would rather they feel light and free.

  • You are struggling with low back pain caused by soft tissue complications.

  • You are rehabbing a lower extremity injury or are trying to prevent one from re-occurring.

  • You are a runner/athlete experiencing low back, hamstring, hip flexor, calf, ankle, or IT band pain.  

  • You want your body to move properly.

If you can answer yes to any of the above, you need Hip Neutral!

And don't just take my word for it...


“ I first started seeing John to rehab my knee after surgery. From day one, I could tell how passionate John was about his job and how much he wanted to help me achieve my goal of playing soccer injury-free. After making a full recovery, I continue to work with him to increase my overall strength." -Kendall Johnson, Portland Thorns


"I love this program! It looks like nothing but you will wish you were doing burpees instead! :) This showed me how much I needed these exercises. I am very active already but have some imbalances in body. Hip neutral has really increased my performance and helped balance me out. I do them a couple of times a week and it has greatly improved my strength and range of motion."  -Unknown Amazon review


"I was recommended this book by a friend of a friend. I've had lower back and hip pain on and off since 2009 when I pinched my sciatic nerve. I've done chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy for it but it always comes back. I have done stretching but not consistently and never using some of the stretches in this book. I definitely felt a difference after the first time and know I need to do this regularly"

-Terri from Amazon


"Hip Neutral has been the missing link to many great modalities and approaches to fitness that I know, and I would go as far as to say the assessment and the series possibly should and could be the beginning or foundation to everyone’s routine. John Lindala is clearly onto something. I would highly recommend Hip Neutral to ANYONE looking to live an active, sporty pain-free lifestyle. Thank you John!”  

-Alayne Rowan, Owner of Portland Team Fitness

"Prior to reading John's book, I had terrible pain in my hips and low back from years of sitting at a desk. I had pain no matter if I was sitting, standing or laying down. My back and hips are now free of pain after 1 week of following the exercises in the book. I'll definitely follow the routine through the end and incorporate it into my weekly fitness sessions. John has always impressed me with his dedication to his craft, he's truly a master trainer! " -Alvis

"As an acupuncturist specializing in sports medicine, I refer Hip Netural to all of my running patients. Personally - as a runner with chronic knee and low back pain - this program gave me the structure needed to reduce any discomfort and help recover from injury. I highly recommend this program." -Sarah



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